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Warrior Evo 5X Head

Warrior Evo 5X Head

$109.99 $119.99
  • 1) The new Tilt Tech string hole setup.  Our guru's here were pretty psyched about this new development.  Essentially the string holes are angled so that the picket can be seated closer to the plastic and the knots flow more inline with the downward bias to this head.  This is a one-handed cradler's dream setup as the ball sets low to low-mid, but still channels out easily. 


  • 2) Sym Rail - they twist the rails in the mold and then bake em...  Science says this makes them stronger and stiffer.


  • 3) Throat Lock  - basically your screw bite twice, once inside and once outside.  This kills all the rattle and really anchors the head down on to the shaft.


We think the Evo 5 has the potential to be the next collegiate superstar.  These heads are already being used and seeded into the best programs in the nation and the feedback is awesome.  Stiff, light and low-mid.  You attack guys should pick one up and feel the difference that the Tilt Tech offers your game. 

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