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Epoch Integra Elite Shoulder Pads

Epoch Integra Elite Shoulder Pads


The NEW Integra Elite Shoulder Pads are best in class when it comes to performance with a streamlined fit, high-level protection, and pure comfort. Engineered with dual density compression molded foam to have minimal bulk yet effective protection on the field. The Integra Elite shoulder pads feature Perforated PU for a modern look with removable bicep pads a large Velcro islands for effective fit and adjustment. Epoch wants players to remain protected and safe during practice and game play. That’s why Epoch’s engineers designed the Integra Shoulder Pads to have quick release front protection straps for easy AED (Automated External Defibrillator) access. It’s time to upgrade your shoulder pads with the new Integra Elite shoulder pads.

Product Specs

Available in White,
Size: Medium, Large
Warranty: 30-days

Tech Specs

Player Core Control Ft. S. Café® Technology
Dual Density Compression Molded Foam  
Quick Release Front Protection Straps
Removable Bicep Pads  

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