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Gear Swap and Spring Kickoff Sale


Lavin Lacrosse is proud to host our annual Used Equipment Swap and Spring Kickoff Sale! Clear out their garage/basement of quality used gear. This is great opportunity for lacrosse players looking to get a great deal on slightly used equipment. We are proud to give back to the local lacrosse community and offer great deals for the upcoming season.
"My son needed a helmet to learn how to play. We were able to find a great youth helmet in near perfect condition for a very reasonable price."
  • Feb 6th–March 3rd (a month before the the swap sale weekend) bring in your used equipment to either one of Lavin's locations.
  • You can predetermine the price for the items that you'd like to sell or one of our employees will help you determine a value for the items.
  • On Monday, March 7th, you will be contacted on the status of your items with 3 scenarios.
    1. Your item has sold and you can can redeem your sale after consignment fee in either cash, or store credit (gift card).
    2. Your item has not sold, and you can can pick up your item before March 21st, 2016.
    3. All items remaining from the sale as of March 21st, will be donated to a local lacrosse organization in need.
"I sold my old gloves and used the money to get new ones this season"
Lavin Lacrosse receives 10% consignment fee from all used equipment sales.
Items Encouraged for Used Sale 
Helmets, Protective Equipment (Arm Pads, Shoulder Pads, Gloves, etc.), Heads, Shafts
Items Not Accepted for Used Sale
Clothing, Shoes/Cleats, Broken Materials
Please contact us for any questions or more information.
10% off all in-stock items for the Spring Kick Off Sale
All offers/promotions exclude all helmet styles